Elephant benjarong bowl red color

Elephant benjarong bowl red color

Item Description
Size : 15 cm H x 10.5 cm Diam.
Weight: 550 grams

Product Name : Elephant benjarong bowl red color

Choo Sai Benjaron
Existed since ancient times and inherent to the young generations in Phetchaburi Province, “Benjarong” or porcelain is an exquisite delicacy product created by Thai artisan which requires a splendid handicraft together with a patience and a concentration on the valuable piece of work. The locals in Phetchaburi Province, therefore, have been working together to develop the modern models and techniques. However, they still conserve the original popular patterns used with Lai Nam Tong Benjarong, such as Lai Thai, Lai Thep Pa Nom, Lai Ko Bua, Lai Dok Mai, and Lai Kan Kod in a form of Benjarong bowl and a set of a teapot. In addition to using in daily life, the Benjarong can be used as a gift to a senior in the special occasions as well.

Handicraft items
color, size and/ or motif may vary slightly.

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