Two Tone Sorn Narai Purse Type B

Item Description
Size : Bag : W 30.5 cm x H 20 cm x D 15 cm
Length of Bag Handle : 31.5 cm
Weight : 39.2 grams

Product Name : Two Tone Sorn Narai Purse Type B

Jak Saan Parn Sornnarai
Formerly, the people of Hoobkrapong district in Kao Yai area were farmers growing crops in the fields and orchards. In 1974, Her Majesty Queen Sirikit instructed the Ministry of Industry to send officials to teach the people in that area to weave the Sornnarai hemp into handicrafts, as this plant grew abundantly in the area. As a result, many handicrafts were created such as hats, handbags, shoes etc.

Hemp has the advantage of being strong and resilient with lasting colors after being dyed and can be woven into almost anything. The products created by the Women’s Hemp Weavers Profession Group are now become well known nationally and internationally. :PhetchaburiProvince

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Color, size and / or Motif May Vary Slightly.

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