Chommanart’s best , 5 star (OTOP) It’s khaotoo.

                                              Chommanart’s best , 5 star (OTOP) It’s khaotoo.

In 2003, at AmphoeBanlard,Phetchaburi where there is full of coconut tree and sugar palm tree along the way to the district .

Mrs.Chommanart the owner of Chommanart Thai Dessert has seen the opportunity to increase the value of these plants and turned them into variety of delightful desserts contained in a modern package.

Talking to the original product for Chommanart’s best selling dessert and also awarded as a 5 star (OTOP) It’s khaotoo

(Powdered roasted sundried cooked rice mixed with palm sugar and shredded coconut )Using all the best ingredients such as premium grade thai jasmine rice and organic palm sugar in processed by scented candle maintaining the traditional thai dessert recipe.


-shredded coconut  60%

-dried rice 30%

-palm sugar 10% 

Contact : Mrs. Chommanart Choowong 

Address 22/1 Moo 3  Tamruu Baanlard Phetchaburi 76150

Tel>>  0815612228 , 0863934968 , 032588228

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